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Preparing for Commercial Conversations

Catherine Ryan, Senior Business Development Manager, Commercial Broker, St. George Bank

Lets face it. All we really want is to make sure our clients have a great experience, and for you, as the broker, to be rewarded for your time. When it comes to commercial transactions the brokers and the clients’ experience can be enhanced if you can gather the right information at the first meeting. Getting this this right means, cutting down the time to Yes and not wasting time un-fundable deals.

How can we help you here? There are three things that can make the commercial lending experience a whole lot easier. Getting the right information upfront will save you time and money.

Before you walk into a client meeting to discuss a commercial transaction be armed with the right questions:

  • research the industry in which your self-employed client works

  • research which lenders that support this industry, and understand their parameters they operate within.

  • target your questions. Set yourself up with the right knowledge to understand your clients immediate needs and future requirements. You need to walk away with enough information to workshop structures and options with your commercial support network. Good debt advice comes from having all the facts and looking at the deal from all angles. We have checklists to support you.

Preparation shows you care, positions you as a trusted advisor, and sets you up as a vital support for their business.

When you have the confidence of your client, you also want the options for fulfilling the client’s needs and the right lenders to support you.

If you would like to upgrade your skills or if are entering the commercial space for the first time, St George Commercial Broker are running free Commercial Training workshops. They are designed to give you the confidence to have commercial conversations with your clients and provide you full accreditation. Let us help you expand your business into Commercial.


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